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Am I just eating because I'm bored? 

Anyone else get hungry every minute of the day when working from home? Anyways...

So, why design?

After working on a digital ID solution project for fun, I was drawn to the endless possibilities that come with designing! It also made me think of how important it is to responsibly innovate and design with the health, safety, and well-being of people in mind.

I actually attribute my compassionate curiosity for human differences to my unique background and lived experiences as a first-gen Peruvian immigrant because it’s taught me to proactively find solutions in unknown situations, while always questioning my assumptions - skills that make me a great designer.

I also discovered that design has the power to shine a light on people to help them feel seen. That is why I use inclusivity, mindfulness, and accessibility to guide my designs as a Product Designer.

A little about me...


Aside from being the Grinch’s #1 fan (just kidding.....maybe), I enjoy conversations around mental health and some occassional baking!

Here’s a little more about me:

Reading: The Silent Patient

Loving: Toby, my roommates cat <3

Watching: Wanda Vision 

Trying: Cooking & Orange Theory (again 🥵)

Related Projects

Design systems

Scaling the system for xDS, the internal tools design system team at Meta by organizing a 1-day workshop for product teams to help them feel confident implementing components and patterns into their product system. 

Quality program

Lead the Heuristic Evaluations for all internal tools Product Designers at Meta to assess product usability and craft.

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